Wedding Worries: will your photographer be in business?

14 10 2010

For many brides planing their big day the economics  add undue stress.

For the past two years we have heard stories of wedding venues going bust and the administrators have turn up closing down the  perfect wedding venue that the bride and groom have selected for their special day.
There are still a growing number of businesses that offer wedding services, but will they be around when it comes to your wedding day?

Many photographers have felt the pinch of the economic decline as has many other businesses across the UK and world. At the start of the global recession there was a large amount of reports of wedding venues going into administration just weeks before weddings were due to take place.  Wedding photographer also went bust  just the same and gave the bride and groom little to no notice.

In todays world everything is a little unsure, I would certainly suggest buying wedding insurance to cover you against losses for paying for the wedding services that will not happen on the day; also paying again for somewhere else to hold your wedding, or to get new catering or indeed your wedding photographer.

The problem of business that are going bust is pretty simple and straight forward, they all run their business in debt. This is known as credit in the business world and is simply that word you have all heard (Credit Crunch) Essentially  it means that business are operating without funds and most if not all businesses do this, Apart from National Photographer with its zero credit system and business ethic.

While many photographers and other business add to their debt (credit) with paying for advertising, new equipment and other day to day business running costs they increase their debts and hope work comes into pay these debts. One of the problems is that clients have to pay these debts before the business makes a profit or even breaks even.

As we all know credit has interest added and if a business is offering a service from the debt level they have, interest of 10% or more is added to the cost even before they break even, and with less people buying the debts mount interest which can be double or triple between clients and therefore  if you are booking a wedding venue or photographer you will see that they have higher prices where they need to cover these large debts.

On the other side on business debt growth there is also the credit giving to people and other businesses. If you sold widget a to a business and they take 30 or more days to pay off the price, thats 30 days you have added to your debt. This then in turn has a knock on effect as your company has to burden the debt. If the chain of payments on these debts is broken, then the businesses fail and go into administration.

We will always be here for you

National Photographer is a current, forward thinking and great business, we don’t need to worry about credit or debts simply because we don’t have any. Everything we use is all bought and paid for and we neither offer or take any form of credit. This means that National Photographer and its photography businesses all hold positive equity, so when someone pays us for their wedding photography its credited to an account rather than spent paying off existing debts of credit.


As we have no debts and everything is paid for in advance this lets us offer greater security to all our clients, your booking fees and wedding package payments are all held until the work is competed, giving us the money and a positive cash-flow through all the services that we offer. There are no links to break in our chain.

We have a network of professional wedding photographers and there is always someone to turn to for your wedding photography, the only insecurity we have is if  transport breaks down, but there is always taxis and the second is if the photographer is ill, but then there is the back up photographers.

Needless to say we have never missed a wedding, and we have never seen a debt notice or a credit agreement. its your money going to the services you want and certainly is a service that we provide.

The risks of using other photographers

Because we know that there are many photographers who are small businesses or sole traders, they do not have the right business acumen and failed to deal with the problems that they business model has. In fact we wrote an article about the unsustainable photography business here.

You need to look at these reasons why other photographer can let you down:

  • Personal credit: this puts you at risk for their personal debts meaning that if they fall on hard times their business could close to cover personal losses.
  • Small business:  Small businesses have small customer basis – this means there are less customers to cover their business debts.
  • Bad business: often seen is the bad business management from those who don’t know how to run a business and keep up to date on current issues
  • Bad credit: we view all credit as a debt and this is always bad for businesses who have to pay the debts before their business gives them positive cash-flow.
  • Mounting debts: more business turn to credit or pay for things of credit cards, as this debt grows, there prices grow and business becomes slower for them adding to their debts
  • Over pricing: they will over price their photography to cover the mounting debts which you will have to pay and this doesn’t mean that they wont add to them and still go out of business.
  • Limiting: many photographer offer a small line of photography, this limits there income.
  • Stupidity: Business acumen, correct management, run away debts, poor marketing and cost watching, is stupid and bad business.
  • Not a real professional business: Many businesses even those who are registered as companies and not real businesses, just some guy or girl working from their shed.

Of course none of this applies to national photographer.

National photographer plus points are:

  • Zero credit: no debts
  • Complete ownership: we own all our equipment nothing has any credit debt to pay off
  • Professional business:  Ran and owned by Rory Witham with over 20 years of business experience
  • In business through the last recession: we made it through the last recession in business.
  • Unlimiting: we offer a wide range of services, photography just being one. we have a broad range of customers.
  • Qualified Business management: Large number of certificates together with experience means our business is ran correctly
  • Head office: we have a head office that maintains the business and staff
  • Positive cash-flow:  No debts means that your money is dedicated to your service
  • Great pricing: without debts and interest to pay, our prices can be and are lower than other photographers.
  • Multi award winning: Not only have we won awards for photography but also for business.

If you want a photographer for your wedding you will turn up and no go out of business, head over to the National Photographer wedding elegance website.




3 responses

15 10 2010
Glenn Nottingham

Very interesting article. There are of course many well run businesses as well!!

15 10 2010

There are well run businesses and reliable ones; but to the general public they will not know who is running a good business and who is not.
How would you suggest that the bride and groom could tell a well run business from a potential nightmare waiting to happen?

I have spoken to a lot of photographers, and I have read forums and other articles on line. On the basis of what I have seen, I would say that 70% of photography business are “winging it” and ran by people with little experience, who rely on third hand knowledge that may not be 100% reliable or accurate..

Have you thought about this:
When a client looks for a professional photographer, they believe they will get a professional service, that the word professional means something.
I found a number of articles reporting that a website for a so called professional photographer contained stolen images from other photographers and stolen textual content.
When I reported one of these so called ‘professional photography company’ to trading standards they said:
Professional is no more than taking a subject as a profession (work), though they did have a word with them for using the word company, being as they were not a registered company.
This kind of thing, together with the unreliability of even SWPP members really is a quandary for all concerned.

15 10 2010
Wedding worries | National Photographer

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