Trash The Wedding Dress

5 01 2010

Trash the wedding dress is one of those trends that is growing in popularity with brides. In the olden days brides handed down dresses to their children as part of a tradition but with modern brides they wouldn’t want to wear a nice 1980’s style wedding dress and as we  know, fashion changes on a regular basis as does personal taste.    

Trash the wedding dress

Trashing the wedding dress, photography by Rory Witham


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High Fashion Wedding dress photo shoot.    

Trash the dress comes from the fashion and fun style of photography where the bride cannot and should not be asked to carry out certain poses in certain things on the wedding day to make shocking or fashion styled photos. The adage of take something beautiful and put in something industrial or unbecoming makes the images come alive and this is what Trashing the dress is all about.    

There are many orders of the day when it comes to trashing the wedding dress, be that an untrashed dress to a fiery dress to photo shoots in water and mud as well as paint. Urberx Trash the dress photo shoots are for those urban shoots within the cities and out skirts and maybe on waste land or industrial estates to give a different feel to the photos and a different back drop that would be typically expected.    

The fashion style of photography comes from the images not being like a portrait but as a sales or fashion perspective. With Fashion, the images are centred on the cloths and life style where the case is that we tell a story within the image itself. the Model (Bride) can often  not be looking at the camera and may not be the main part of the image.    

Trash the dress photo shoots are often a meeting of the minds for the bride and the photographer to create something a little different. When organising the photo shoots careful planning has to be considered for brides not wanting to trash their wedding dresses. We offer loan wedding dresses if we  want to go a little crazy.   

Liability and Licence   

One of the things that has to be considered with a trash the wedding dress photo shoot is Health and Safety and also a disclaimer, should someone stub their toe or damage their wedding dress it is all accountable to the photographer. While we have insurance and a certified risk assessment personal, we always have to have clients sign the release and disclaimers.    

Unknown to may people is the licences that can be required for the photo shoots,  Public parks are not so public if you want a photo shoot, but as many people are not aware of this it is always worth asking your photographer about licences and if you need them for certain areas. The London underground is one of the most costly venues to obtain the permits and licences required for a photo shoot of any type.   

Trash The Wedding Dress Video   

With the above photo we also did a photo slide video from the photo shoot  that were taken during the trash the dress shoot.   


This was my (rory) trash the dress photo shoot and as you can gather  I still had much of the wedding photographer in the way I approached the photo shoot, Lined up for this summer (2010) is a trash the wedding dress shoot in Prague. We will be offering photo shoot places  in Prague as we go on a photo shoot for a few days around the area and have invited clients to take a short trip away with us for the photo shoot. But it’s not only going to be all work.   

On lookers during the photo shoots   

If you try a trash the dress photo shoot in a public place there are two things that should jump to mind, the amount of people who stand around watching and when they get in the way. This can lead to having to wait for people to move out of the way without telling them, and or course you do have to consider the bride and even grooms while they are being looked at. I think that maybe this may give them the feel of importance and wonder if the onlookers come to see  just to see if it is a famous model or something similar?   

I know that my model found it a little entertaining and also a little nervy, but after we did have a good laugh and it did add to the experience; and just in case you did want to know, She is NOT a professional model.  


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