Egypt Mill wedding photos

18 01 2010

Egypt mill wedding photography is one of the latest posts on our wedding photography website.

Egypt mill Nailsworth wedding photography

We have posted up the wedding photos from our recent photo shoot at Egypt mill in Nailsworth Gloucestershire, It was the First actual wedding  we have been asked to do the wedding photography for at Egypt mill as normally it has been the place of choice for the wedding receptions, and we have done a few of those.

There are 34 wedding photos posted and one of these we  had to make up.
The groom commented on how he felt like the mafia so we asked him to open hand pose so that we could put a tommy gun in his hand for the post production of their wedding photos.

here is a link to the wedding elegance website for the post:


A Cotswold Wedding Slide show Video (HD)

4 01 2010

This is a Slide show from a wedding at Bibury Court in the Cotswolds. It is a HD Video showing the photography of Rory Witham For Wedding Elegance by National Photographer.

If you wish to see this Cotswold’s wedding slide show in High Definition you may want to use this link and click the HD button.

The Wedding Album

If you wish to look at one of the wedding albums designed for this wedding click this link for a Cotswold wedding album

The Wedding Pictures

The Unedited images which we have placed online in a gallery on this blog, Click here to read the Cotswold wedding Post and see the images

A Cotswold wedding album

4 01 2010

As a follow up to the ‘ A Cotswold wedding ‘  images we wish to share the wedding album with you, As often is the case we design two wedding album for the client and they can select the album we design or design there own with the spanish wedding books that we offer.