General Photography during the wedding

4 01 2010

Creating the memory of a life time can be hard and with restrictions in most ceremonies due to legal implications.

The most common drawback is photos taken during the wedding ceremony itself. Please enquire to the restrictions that are in place with taking photos during the ceremony at your venue.

We do not use flash photography and the camera operation is silent, this in most cases, will allow us to take the shots which we would like for your album. This should be taking into account when booking your wedding venue and consulting your wedding planner, registrar or vicar.
In the last year, registrars allow photos during the service which is limited to: bride walking in, the ring exchange, the kissing, a faked signing of the register, the giving of the certificate and leaving.

We try to be a little sneaky if possible and take a few more shots, and normally was are told not to move. Some places are fine, others are not.

Reception photos ownership of the images.
With copyright laws you should let people know they will have their photos taken, the last rights of the photos is not given to you but belongs to the photographers, however you are free to make copies and prints of our images.
Not many professional photographers will allow this, and is also worth checking prior to assigning a photographer if these are full resolution and edited images. We also reserve the right to use the photos as part of the terms and conditions of the service for marketing our businesses.

Extra Prints, editing and larger photographs.
Adding photos from your Compact Discs or DVD  for the final production of your album can be carried out at most photographic printing shops or for a professional finish we can have the prints made for you.

Your album selection normally will be required before the album is designed and put together as these cannot be changed afterwards. This is because they are mounted with overlays that cannot be changed like what you can do with corner mount and filmed albums ( the corner mount and sticky filmed albums just don’t look as good) or the pages of the albums are the prints so there can be no changes made after it is ordered.