Wedding Photography terminology

4 01 2010

This is a photo shoot with the couple prior to any other shoot, romantically set and ideal if you intend on proposing in a dramatic way that you want to capture, or a casual shoot centered around the ring.

Hen & Stag Night:
One of the last events as a singleton, we send along a photographer to take photos, These will stay with your friends and you can pick a joint album as well as a shared album of tasteful photographs from the event. Female photographer with the girls and male photographer with the guys.


Posing lessons:
Many people haven’t had photos taken and posing can make a lot of difference to the finish of the photos as well as the time taken during the day to shoot the photos, if you looking for something thats a little out of the norm and look better, then this is the way to do it.
Wedding rehearsal:
The wedding rehearsal shoot allows you to know what’s happening on the day, we can also plan how we are going to shoot on the actual day and it can help things along on the big day.


We do two types of preparations , one being the lead up to the wedding, getting the dress etc, and the other would be the getting ready on the day. With our two photographer packages, this is often a female photographer if you are shy.

Guest arrival:
With the guests arriving, the groom and ushers placing people and friends chatting it adds to the feel of the wedding as this is something that you can’t share together. This is directly affected if the preparations are selected for getting ready to the wedding depending on locations and times.
Wedding Ceremony:
Speaks for its self, if you got lost here with the word or term ceremony, you’re on the wrong website! When we say ceremony, we do mean church or registry office, and of course french style weddings.

Post wedding mingling:
Because we don’t press for time, after the service is over your friends and family will like to chat to you, so this is this period of photos, they are casual in best sense and allow for natural shots to be taken. Some couples ask for the whole wedding to be shot like this without formal photos at all.

Group shots:
From the more traditional sense of wedding photography, this is the point where your family and friends have staged photos taken in a mixture of groups, there is little reason to supply us with a list and generally we will shoot all the photos and then ask you on the day if there are any other shots that you want that we may have missed.
Reportage shots:
This is a style of photography, we can lead you so that the shots look more natural and fluid and not staged and so formal.

B&G only photo session:
Bride and Groom shoot session are essential to give you great photos of your day, these are a mix of fun and formal photos that you will want. You really do need to allocate time for this.

Reception Speeches (wedding breakfast):
While you may think photo of people eating, this is not the case, we shoot the table sets, the food plated up (sometimes) and the speeches and room reactions.

Cake cutting:
Fake cake cuttings are a no no, however we do carry out a fakes as guest have ingrained in them to get in the way during the real cake cutting, so we shoot both and they do look different as you will see!

First dance:
The First dance is one of the important moments of the wedding, along with the guest arriving that may not have been at the day service. Many friends will take bad photos, so we do it properly.

The evening reception:
While the drinks are flowing its our job to capture the fun of the night, your party may be doing the macarainer, YMCA dance etc, so you want someone with the correct equipment to take this moment for blackmail on their birthdays etc.
Honeymoon Selected moments
Our complete package includes the honeymoon shoot, This isn’t perving, but actually just a few short shoots on your honeymoon to capture a meal, a walk on the beach and just for fun, it’s a bit like being paparazzi and makes everyone wonder who the famous people are. With your own personal Photographer you will both be into the photos and not shooting  just each other and somethings you just cant do. Due to the styles of the photographer, having our service that can cover the whole of the events, when placed in an album the pictures seamlessly match.
Wedding Website;
A wedding website, is a bit of an american thing. What happens is that you post up a bit about your self and how you met and this is added to a website.  Then you add photos and videos. One the speeches are added and the wedding photos, its a great place to keep everyone up to date. You can have on your site the gift list, donations, requirement, times and dates and a blog.

Image editing:
With the basic package, we only carry out basic image editing, this is normally balancing the lighting in the photos. Other editing is spots, tattoo’s , people, back grounds, buildings, hair, makeup etc. the higher the package, the more work we will do to make the images work!

Preview Gallery:
A preview gallery is a simple website that shows pictures with the file name so that they can be selected and ordered.

Albums with design service.
The album design service, comes with the graphistudio and the digital album. This allows us to design the albums for you and then you can approve this when it’s previewed to you. If you do not have this you can download a layout information to design the album yourself.

Slide show
images set to music that can be played on your DVD player or computer.

– Full Digital Negatives:
Full digital negatives gives you all the images that have been taken, together with all the edited images, video etc.
Digital Negatives:
These are the actual negatives from the shoots, they may have been lightly edited.
Two Photographers:
We try to offer two photographers on the shoot, this benefit means that you get more photos, two styles and two different viewpoints. Your choice for your album will be greater and give you a wide selection of photographs to pick from. With one male and one female certain points of the wedding may benefit such as the bride getting ready.