Sorry about the blog…

18 09 2010

I know that many people some on the blog looking for inspiration and to see  the latest wedding shoots, but last year we spent a lot of time on R&D and doing other things. This has meant that we were not booking as many weddings and of course the recession also played a part in reducing bookings for all pro photographers around the world.

If you take a look at the wedding elegance website, you can see that we have changed it a few month ago to a different format, and recently it had a redesign, now its more like a blog and website combined. This has made it easier for us to mix up the use of the website with other info on how wedding photographers work.

The sad fact is that most of the time, clients looking for wedding photographers do not consider the work that is done and time that goes into weddings, so part of the wedding photographers job is to show clients what we actually do.

Simply; it costs a photographer 3 weeks wages a £300+ for a wedding album and also the business costs and camera kit costs all add up on top making photography expensive.

The first point of 3 weeks wages really get people,to them its only a day or its only a few prints, but when you work out that there is post production and all that entails, then it starts becoming clear!  it takes 3 working weeks to complete a wedding regardless of if you want ten prints or 100 we still have to shoot more pictures so you have a choice..So doing the maths it all adds up..

So what we have been up to is looking at the wedding albums and previews. This is due to the changes in wedding album design, in many ways the designs of many of our wedding albums are down to the clients choices and the individual weddings, to make use of full retouching and editing of the images and “going to town on them”.  What we have done is gather the images and redesigned some of the albums..

Also at National Photographer, we don’t only shoot weddings, we have boudoir photography. This website has recently had an over-haul which took just over a week to complete.
We also have a stock photography image website which is new to us as we haven’t had a national photographer one before.. so this was again around 2 weeks of work completing this website and ironing out the little hitches.

Other websites have also been updated and other photography has been done.. you could say we have been very busy…


February Offer

13 02 2010

Save this month with your wedding albums at COST, With a bulk of any wedding photography package being the album, this month all our wedding package albums will be at cost the same as they cost us from the suppliers.  

Bellissimo Wedding Albums



Artemis Wedding Albums

Artemis Albums




Take advantage of this offer now!

Free album set

18 01 2010

Traditionally the Brides father are suposed pay for the wedding  and its a bit hit and miss when in comes to the wedding photographer, I think the going theme is that the Bride and Groom pay for their wedding photographer..

If your parents are paying for your wedding photographer then you can’t really go wrong with our current promotion:

Two FREE Parent albums for you to give your parents as a gift which are worth over £425.00.

The catches are that you have to order before the 26th of March 2010, the albums come with 50 images and if they would like more, then they would have to buy them, but its the usual LOW Prices so it wouldn’t hurt their pension.

It isn’t available on the disc only packages and would be pretty senseless on the luxury wedding package as you have enough albums to go around as it is…

And before anyone says; yes the light package is £650.00 how can you give £425.00 worth of albums away with it..

Well its simple really, the £425.00 worth of wedding album is what you would pay from any other photographer for the albums for an album of a slightly lesser quality, and then they would charge you on top for the pictures inside, so I didn’t include that as I may as well say its FREE PHOTOS..
To add to this, these albums we can get  are ever so slightly bigger and many photographers sell these as their main wedding albums, in fact I can say that these albums are really popular with our clients and we don’t pay that amount for the albums which are better.. as far as are transparent pricing goes,  we always pass the savings on to you so this is how we can offer this amazing deal.

If the bride and groom wish to be nice, then please don’t ask for this with the light wedding photography package 1, as we do make a slight loss (we don’t cover the business costs) when these are ordered.

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