Art book wedding album

28 01 2010

After spending a lot of time looking for wedding albums over a period of two years, one of my first ‘things’ when it comes to albums is quality, it has to last and be built well and well you could say that our Art book albums have been through the thick of it with me.

I have dropped them down stairs on gravel, put my motor bike engine on top of them, its had bags of shopping (tins) on them, and lived in my car boot for over a year and still it looks good. I think I could say its pass the durability test ūüôā

 One of the things about these albums is that they are 500gsm2 which means that they are pretty good quality and the weight is good. here are some draw back to the album which relate to the covers..

Vinyl covers, effect leather just isn’t my thing and while it keeps the cost down over real leather, I would rather pay a little more for a leatherette cover. BUT they don’t offer it and its just¬†handy that I know a man…. well a book binder to make custom album and wedding books, so a simple¬† cover this job, should be¬†nothing. and¬† Allah casam, one leatherette album.. super superior quality!!

The only covers I actually like are the solid colours with simple text or the picture covers which look good..

If you want to know more about these albums and see more images, head over to our website where you can find more information

Of course this is just one wedding album that we offer, and you can find more on our website..


Comentated wedding in 96 photos

26 01 2010

Many people look at wedding photography packages and think they maybe a little low on the prints that they get,  I have recently come across two points about the prints.

One questions asked why do photographers offer 100 images on a disc?

The other questions was I’m looking for a wedding photography package with just about 10 prints.

For the one questions,  this post
shows 96 wedding images telling the story of the day, obviously there were more wedding photos than this but it is the basis of a story line that you may want to tell within the wedding album.

When people want such a LOW amount of wedding photos, it is possibly a person that never been to a wedding or seen a wedding album.  In the past we have shown clients an album and asked to estimate the number of photos within the album they replied about 40-50 when there were only 35 images within the album.

Depending on the wedding; how long it is and how many guests are there will depend on the amount of photos that the bride and groom will want.¬† It could be as simple ass calculating¬† one photo per head as that really seems to be the¬†trend in many of our weddings. It doesn’t mean that you will want one single picture of each person, it’s just a little bit of a weird¬†thing we have noticed.

For the main bulk of the weddings, between 50-70 is a good average for most weddings, this being photo with out the preparations and just up to the speeches. 

If the wedding is most of the  day, past first dance and preps, then the wedding photos would be  around 100-120. It may be a little more if its a larger wedding and the day starts early.

Another consideration is of course the album design, with may people wanting background images designed into their wedding album this is of course another image, which we have shown here..

It can be very different numbers when you consider albums and different types and styles of layouts to those of just plain prints. Thus new story wedding albums may show a higher number of images within the packages simply so that the album can be designed. Not forgetting of course that why we photographers sometimes take those weird images.

That website address again with 96 images from the Bear at Rodborough Stroud and reception at Whitminster Inn.

Spanish wedding Album book

4 01 2010

The Spanish digital album is a delightful wedding album and a very popular album with our clients. We have used the albums for around 4 years and have had great service from our suppliers in Spain. 

Spanish Album

Spanish Album

The Album is in a preset size and allows for up to 98 pages in total. The album has high quality book binding with foam layer under the cover providing a very pleasant touch and feel of quality
The latest technologies in digital printing are used with a first class quality paper (500 gr/m²) rigid sheets allowing 180 degrees opening, so that you can view your pages completely flat  for a double page image and the glossy finish provides high level of  protection and an outstanding look. 

wedding album spine

Quality Binding

Album Page design

The albums are 16.5 x 11.25 inches ( 42cm x 29cm) Which is the Portrait album or there is the  22 x 11.25 inches when opened flat for double page printing. Also for gifts there is a Pocket book are also now available 4.15 x 6 inches. 

wedding albums Open book Digital albums

Portrait and Square format albums

The albums come with vinyl covers and we can select a pre designed cover with or without an image printed on the cover or we can design our own covers for full-page prints wrapped around the album or a different design for the front and back as well as the spin of the wedding book. 

Cover design

 As you may gather from looking at this page on the Spanish album, this cover design was changed to the  Ivory Colours that you can see within the top image showing the album, the colour of this cover may seem a little washed out and is a dark wine colour.


See A complete wedding album design¬†using the Spanish Digital Wedding Album for a Wedding in the Cotswold’s.