Wedding Worries: will your photographer be in business?

14 10 2010

For many brides planing their big day the economics  add undue stress.

For the past two years we have heard stories of wedding venues going bust and the administrators have turn up closing down the  perfect wedding venue that the bride and groom have selected for their special day.
There are still a growing number of businesses that offer wedding services, but will they be around when it comes to your wedding day? Read the rest of this entry »


Website down

5 01 2010

National Photographers wedding elegance website is now DOWN. or OFF LINE.

We are updating the services on the site  and the website itself so that the website is different and offers extra functionality to its users, unlike the CMS system and CRM systems we use for our photographer members from national Photographer and city photography we are renewing the websites back bone.

Some of the sites pages will be available from search engines as more people visit the website for the riveting content and information and reviews on the venues..

We should have the new website online within the next day and content to follow.