A little video

2 03 2010

You know  when I wrote up the package for my old and very popular wedding photography website before I decommissioned it I always wanted to add more to the services that I offered, it wasn’t that I was trying to impress clients, but it was part of me and what I do.
What many people don’t know is that I was ran over and lost memories and in away I always thought other people could have the same happen to them and it was a good idea to me to offer it.
I have had a few people call up a year or so later and the last memories are the photos and videos that I have done for their wedding. So its a little sad that people don’t keep new memories and make them on a more regular basis, I have hindsight.

This video shows a short sample of a wedding across the day, it was shot on a standard camera and you only see part of it in this video, but it shows some of the things that would be lost with the photography only. So adding this video keeps the words spoken during the wedding and the reception safe forever. So not only do clients have wedding Pictures in a stunning album but they also have a video.

I have been asked yet again for me to add some video on the day in the high lights that you see here, I guess it must be popular and also a saving on hiring a videographer, but as long as people know its a standard windscreen Video camera, the sound is on camera and its never going to be as good as a professional videographer, then I am not worried. In any case, I am there for photography (stills) as my priority.

I offer wedding video as part of my new wedding photography service, but as you may see my costs are greater than the other services like wedding photography  for City photography ( I don’t cover all areas) and also there is Wedding Elegance by National Photographer, which again is different and I only think one set of wedding services offer the video add on. I think there is a package around with pro video from some friends we made at a wedding..


A little Wedding Video

5 01 2010

One of the things that goes down well with Wedding Photography clients are wedding videos. While photography can cover a lot of the wedding, and I know I will be talking down wedding photography in this post, but for many years I have been at the wedding and when it comes to the speeches and the vows; You cannot capture the words in any still photo.

In this video (below)  I was of course the wedding photographer and set  to one side my video camera on some of my back up equipment to get some video footage. My method of thought was that I can mix the photos with some video when making the side-show and I can also capture the day and some of the vocal parts of the wedding. It’s not that easy as you will see in this video. But the video came out pretty good if I say so myself.

One of the benefits of adding video is that it’s a little perk for the clients that would other wise have to pay a lot of money for a pro videographer. It is not meant to be a replacement or an “as good as service”.
In fact it is impossible unless you want to invest in several cameras and sound equipment as well as the post production software and learning curve. It just so happens that I have done a fair amount of video editing and have developed full computer solutions (aka I got a massive powerful computer system) just to do wedding video..

Adding wedding video is something that is fairly simple from a photographers point of view.  But you will soon hate the image quality that comes from the video camera unless you invest in a HD camera. You may want to  invest in a microphone to pick up the sound and video cameras are pretty good on a cheap stand (if you get a small one)

Editing a video and making it fancy can be left to professional Video guys, as a lot of the time people at weddings (guests) do much the same as the wedding photographing guest and they wont see the video, or it will be filled with camera shake and other problems as you can imagine. Also most people do not own a computer that will allow them to make a quality DVD unless they got one of those DVD cameras, which I have heard are not all that good as the video becomes fixed and cannot be edited or anything after. So a little bit of quality video (just unshaken on a tripod in a good position) will server the Bride and Groom and also the family well. Just remember you’re the photographer not the videographer.

As you are a professional photographer you will know all about angles and camera position, so just set the camera up and just let it run. Most video cameras are automatic and can do a fairly good job by themselves. However watch out for contrast and bright backgrounds..

Mean while you can get on with the Photography. In this video you will see the wedding that I caught on video and carried out the photography – there were no assistants on this shoot..

In this album slide shot Video you will see weddings at:

St Mathews Church in Cainscross Stroud Gloucestershire.

The Bear at Rodborough Common in Stroud Gloucestershire.

Reception at The Whitminster hotel in Whitminster Stroud Gloucestershire.

You can also see the different album designs which we offer clients with the spanish albums