Wedding Photography Packages

We have developed our wedding photography packages on our website, using a few basic rules.

Many people work towards a budget, some work towards finding a photographer that offers a digital negatives disc and some will want a package that offers a package that will provide for their family as well as themselves.

With couples who have to work on a tight budget we offer a Disc only and Light wedding photography packages.
obviously the Disc only packages are  broken down in the time coverage that is required, which would be photography  of the wedding to a fake cake cutting.  then the preparation before the wedding to the real cake cutting and speeches and finally the thrid package offers  all day coverage from start to finish.  When I say finish I do mean our finish not the last thing at night as this can mean working over 18 hours in one day..

We edit lightly the wedding photography put it all on dvd and send it to you, it is that simple. You can then design your albums, print your pictures and make art with your wedding photos.

The light wedding photography packages comes from my (Rory) wedding photography site of old. The packages offered Randomly selected images up to the stated packages amount of digital negatives, the draw back from this was that both us and the client wouldn’t know what images they would get and would order any of the digital negatives that they wanted and were missing from the disc. This was one of the prime reasons that the packages were low priced, however there was always an option to upgrade the package to a full digital negatives disc… something that will not be offered as you can now simply jump up the packages  to the designer wedding photography packages.

The Light packages introduce the wedding albums into the photography package for the wedding as well as the online preview gallery for making the selection of the wedding photos and of course the album preview.

The designer wedding photography packages add the larger albums and a canvas as well as the digital negatives from the wedding photography. There is the addtion of either a engagement /couples photo shoot to the package or both if you have the higher designer wedding photography package.

The canvas with the package is a fairly large  addition and I’m sure you know that going to venture for one of the canvases at the sizes we offer would  be almost half of the package price. Our prices are lower because we do not frame them and on the lower package we use a lighter weight canvas material that the more luxury packages, but its not a cheap rubbish canvas as we do not do cheap anything.
You may notice on the third designer wedding photography package there is no sizes, this is simply because we need to know where you are going to hang the canvas and some people have width restrictions, so  it will mean that you will need to measure the place where you would hang it.

In the designer wedding photography packages we have also gone into the personal photo shoots for the bride and groom these are highly popular and as you will see are the most ordered of any of our photographs.

The luxury wedding photography packages are really built for those who will be considering their family who may want albums designed. We have included parents albums into the package.

With a combined effort for grandparents and the bridesmaids and grooms etc. We have a canvas and also pocket book of the wedding, so you will have a gift or tank you for them.

The package is different to the other packages where it adds a photographers selection album and also a select preview wedding photos preview album as well as online gallery for full preview and ordering for the whole family.
The other addition is of course the slide show where we set the images to music on a DVD and the pictures move around and its all a bit fancy. These are popular now where  people can sit down and preview their wedding picture, albums and video on their large HD TV rather than everyone huddled around an album.
We add video which is not a replacement for a professional video but a simple little perk to the photography package.

as you can see none of the packages are excessive but do offer a great range of consideration for all weddings. For many I would guess that they will want to select the light wedding photography package or the Designer wedding photography packages as these both offer the average, others who are more brave and in the belief that they can obtain a more affordable option will go for the disc only packages. but the wise couple who know that leaving all their requirements in the hands of a professional photographer and design company will have a stress free package that meets their needs in its entirety.


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