Bridal Boudoir

4 01 2010

Bridal season is almost here!!
When the winter nights get shorter and brides start to get ready for their spring and summer weddings, they are looking for that special gift to give their husband to be and often this is the ever growing popularity of the Bridal Boudoir photo shoot.   

Bridal Boudoir is a sensual photo shoot not in just the wedding lingerie but with the gown (or one you borrow from us so he still doesn’t get to see it 🙂 ) and these are taken in a romantic and slightly provocative manner to ensure he is waiting at the altar for you.   

Subtle suggestive images to inspire him and give you that really sexy look, so he will say WOW I cant wait to marry this stunning super star..   

The brides secret gift is kept under wraps with our flexible photo shoot times so that he will never know what is happening untill the day of the wedding where your album or pocket-book arrives.   

Bridal boudoir books, sensual wedding gifts   

Our Brides Boudoir packages will be listed in the promotions so that we can try to match your budget and our award winning photography services together so that you can have that special gift.   

Due to the commercial and professional nature of the photography service that we offer, you DO need to book your Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot In ADVANCE.. The reasons for this are:   

  • That we are busy during the summer and spring with our other photography services.
  • We take time in planning the right shoot for you with you.
  • Image selection can take you up to two weeks
  • We take around a week to edit your photos
  • Once you have made your selection we design the album / pocket book which can take a few days
  • We use fine quality albums/pocket books and these take around 12 days.
  • For any other unforseen issues, we recommend a week spare just in case.

Bridal Boudoir Photo shoots in the UK


You should look to book your shoot a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding, I would recommend booking around 3 months in advance, so that you can be worked into the appointment list.   

Head over to our website and take a look at out Bridal boudoir information   

Bridal Boudoir – Before or after the wedding??